Wi-Drive! is Marin’s eco friendly luxury commuter bus

Luxury lovers in Marin can now expect some more pampering as a new luxury commuter bus has just been launched there. Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation of San Francisco has included Marin in its network of frill-filled buses called Wi-Drive! to lure people out of their cars and opt for public transport instead. Wireless Internet, television, a “ride host” handing out breakfast, and even a restroom are among the amenities passengers of this luxury commute will be treated to. To get the public introduced to the service that takes passengers to the Ferry Building in San Francisco, the bus is free through March 13 before going to the full one-way fare of $8.20 on March 16.

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Attorney Karen Bronstein of Corte Madera became the sole passenger on this bus when she offered to travel free from her home to work. And the lady was definitely impressed. This amazing luxury bus emphasizes eco-friendly travel as it runs on Biodiesel. The service’s five routes cover Marin, San Francisco, and the South Bay to San Jose and run Monday through Friday.
A great service, it will definitely be appreciated by many. For more information on schedules and other details visit www.bauerswi-drive.org.

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