World’s fastest amphibious car is up for sale

While all-terrain vehicles are not new, they are still rare and hence never cease to attract our attention. Well, for all those who cannot have enough of vehicles that can cover almost every terrain, be it land or water, the amphibian beauty dubbed the Project Sea Lion is truly worth a see. Touted to be the world’s fastest amphibious car, it is the fruitful creation of over five years of hard work. The vehicle can go 45mph on water and 125 mph on land. The amphibious vehicle or the Project Sea Lion, combines a custom-built aluminum and stainless steel body with a Mazda 13B rotary engine meant to set the record for fastest land-sea vehicle.

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What is impressive about the vehicle is how it transforms to adapt to the new terrains. When changing to boat mode, one can feast one’s eyes on everything from sidepods and folding prow to retractable wheels! This car that can zoom in water however, is unlikely to reach the record books as the new record calls for 60 mph on the open water.

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The seller of the car, Fantasy Junction, is offering this amphibious creation for $259,500. The builder promises to make himself available to any buyer as “consultant, engineer, machinist and psychiatrist.” Do we have any takers?