World’s first wooden car with gull wing doors is from Japan

The carbon fiber makeover for Lamborghini Gallardo wooed all Lambo fans while the Gold BMW, Porshe and Mercedes-Benz blinded us with their dazzling avatar. But there is certainly a niche for the something subtler yet well-designed. Breaking all norms, Sada-kenbi has produced a sports car out of wood. Christened as Maniwa, this woody car can zoom up to up to 80km/h (about 50 mph). Okay, with this speed limit, the car certainly cannot be categorized as a sports car. But if the maker says so, we need to respect their view. For $44,000, this all wood car can be steered with a motorcycle-like handlebar. The gull wing doors certainly add style to it too. For some entertainment on the road, it comes fitted with a stereo too. This three-seater car is actually street legal in Japan. Though this one certainly seems like it is made for recreational purpose, the designers have actually made a pedal-power version for kids too.

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