World’s most expensive car wash is a $16,000 spa treatment for your supercar

You pamper yourself, your lover, your best friend, your mother and even your dog with a spa treatment. So why not go a step ahead and give your wheels a spa treatment, a much-deserved one. Monza Ultimate Detailing and Protection in Dubai is serious of what they proclaim – it gives your car the ultimate treatment – a (£10,000) $16,300 car spa. The car wash is a common haunt for the line of luxury cars that flaunt the streets of Dubai. The ‘treatment’ is all of one week using the latest in nanotechnology. Owners can also be relieved with the fact that staff members aren’t allowed to use bare hands on these beauties but instead use a combination of water treatment, temperature and pressure, super-specialised tools including handheld microscopes as well as a secret ingredient. Staff is also made to undergo a six-month training before they can be trusted to work upon a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. All the lush upholstery is cleaned thrice, rubbed and treated with natural oils.

Monza is owned by Frederick Faidhi. The $16k tag is for those cars that are custom-built. For the more average ones, you can get away with lesser, around $10,000. Cost includes a paint work correction, an exterior hologram free polish, ten glass polishes, interior detailing and protection, two headlight rejuvenations, 12 upholstery water-proofings, and four sanitary treatments of the car air-conditioning system.

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