World’s most expensive Chrome Mini Cooper

The most expensive Valentine gift and the flashiest sedan on the road made the wifey very happy, but not for long. It was a chrome painted Mini Cooper bought by Ian Grice, a builder from Nottingham, for his wife Toni for £38,000($57,250), a price he didn’t mind paying at the time of purchase. But the astounding revelation here is that the car’s flashy paint job costs more than the list price of a Mini Cooper, which is £17,000($25,650). Still, the same speedster has caused a Midas-Touch kind of situation for the couple as the Insurance companies won’t provide cover for the pricey sedan because it’s too fragile and will get scuffed too easily.

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However, the London MINI dealership has provided temporary cover for the vehicle, so it could be driven home. The Association of British Insurers has suggested that they look for a specialist cover and that they should be ready to pay a ‘considerable amount’.
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