World’s most expensive Mini- Limo custom-made for Princess Regina

Oil kings usually own the most expensive automobiles, and this time again it’s their territory. Princess Regina Abdurazakova from Kazakhstan owns this highly pimped up MiionEuroMINI SHAGEDELIC.GLAMOUR, which was a star of Riga International Motorshow Auto Exotica held in April 2008. It’s designed by Juhan Losop from Metal Hammer, who his well known for his several unusual car and bike projects. The Chelsea Edition is the rarest, most expensive and the world’s longest driving classic MINILIMO measuring about 5 meters 60 centimeters.

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Want to know what the super swanky coupe boasts of? It’s befitted with Philips Ambilight Fire Diamond 47″ LCD TV, 70 TFT monitors, 30 parking sensors and 20 parking cameras, besides plush interiors and gold n’ multicolor 100 wire wheels made from Swarovski crystals on the exterior. As if that wasn’t enough, the rest of the car uses more than 1,00,000 Swarovski crystals and the windowpanes have designs made of 50 gms or pure gold.

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