World’s most expensive SUV is up for grabs for $300,000

I personally love SUV, so this news has definitely grabbed my attention. The world’s most expensive SUV- one of the earliest models of the Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris is apparently up for grabs via global online luxury marketplace JamesList. And it can be yours for a sum of $300,000! The special car was made by Dutch Supercar Company and was originally styled as the D12 and featured a V12 engine in concept form, but will be fitted with a V8 for production. This amazing custom-built car is not just another SUV but a Super Sport Utility Vehicle” or SSUV, which offers supercar performance. The four-door Peking-to-Paris celebrates Spyker’s participation in the 1907 cross-country race of that name and boasts a luxurious glove-soft leather fitted interior. The production version of this SUV will make its debut at Frankfurt Motor Show in September, after which it will be available for delivery.

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