XOJET Elite Access program announced for private flyers

The private aviation industry is pulling all strings to keep its high-flying jet setters a happy lot. Yes, I am referring to many people who have the privilege and the moolah to book their very own chartered flights across the globe. Offering a new alternative to fractional ownership and jet card programs to this lot is XOJET who has announced the XOJET Elite Access program, the guaranteed private jet program. Under this program, XOJET offers members worry-free guaranteed access to the XOJET fleet of customized Citation X and Challenger 300 jets, with as little as 12 hours notice. What is more, the program offers a pay-as-you-fly pricing model eliminating the requirement of an expensive upfront commitment. In fact, the program is light on the wealthy man’s pocket as it charges $8,500 as an hourly rate, including all fees, taxes, and fuel.

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XOJET offers pay-as-you-fly payment terms based on an annual commitment of 50 hours. Members will also receive exclusive 24-hour access to XOJET’s dedicated team of private aviation advisors. A great alternative to fractional ownership, a number of frequent flyers are sure to usurp this offer from XOJET.

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