Yamaha VMax dressed in leather by Hermès

Every time someone talks of a motorcycle, my mind invariably pictures this hot set of wheels machine with an equally hot rider who looks like he rules the roads in a snazzy leather jacket. Well, I guess most of us would imagine a motorcycle rider to be wearing leather. But it was time this conventional image was broken, and the horizons of our imagination widened. Offering a change in our thinking is Yamaha, who has decided to go ahead and steal the rider’s thunder and attention by dressing the motorcycle in leather! For this show-stopping effect, Yamaha roped in famed fashion house Hermès. And the bike to take get the beautiful leather makeover from the famed house was none other than the Yamaha VMax. The mean machine with a four-cylinder engine and brushed metalwork looks luxurious in its new buffalo skin covered avatar. From the headlamp to the exhaust pipe, every part is decked in this exquisite material.

The special ultra-luxe leather covered VMax made its debut at a motorbike show in Cologne, Germany. Although there is now word of this one-off creation going into production, we can keep our fingers crossed.

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