Yike Bike is the newest toy for yacht owners

Known for its expertise in yachts and toys, Superyacht Tenders and Toys has announced that they are now offering the next new sizzling hot yacht toy for purchase – the Yike Bike. In essence, an electricity-powered folding bike that could very well change the face of short urban commutes, making them cleaner, easier, and more eco-friendly, the Yike Bike weighs in at just 11.5kgs, deployable in under 15 seconds. Capable of touching the 23kmph mark, enough to get you around your plush neighborhood, the Yike Bike sports a 10km range and takes 50-minutes to charge up completely. Once your yacht docks at a port, you can cruise about the land on your newest and greenest yacht toy.

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Complete with anti-skid brakes, powerful LED lights and available in two versions, an all-carbon (Carbon Yike Bike) or a composite and aluminum body (Fusion Yike Bike), these brilliant two-wheeled contraptions are priced at €3,600.00 (approx $4600) for the former and €2020.00 (approx $2590) for the latter.

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