You need to own at least five Ferraris to be eligible for their most exclusive club

Ferrari sure knows how to treat its loyal customer base and has recently unveiled plans for an exclusive club for those who own at least five cars from the Italian luxury sports car manufacturers. This club will have Ferrari enthusiasts worldwide who can’t get enough of these red beasts and who love them enough to empty substantial amounts of their bank accounts to buy five or more! And given that Ferraris aren’t really sold in numbers like the common gas-guzzlers out there, this club could compromise of just 300 people around the globe. And yes, being a member has its perks, with exclusive access being given to them to limited-edition models like the Ferrari SA Aperta, of which just 80 units were produced. So if you’ve got a garage full of Ferraris and you’re still keen on buying more, you now know the best way through!

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