Zero Electric Bike for a greener riding pleasure

Green to its core, this Zero electric motocross bike does make its mark in making this world a better place to live in. Or at least your neighborhood! Because it won’t disturb you with all the noise that the two-stroke gasoline engines produce. And along with producing no noise, it also doesn’t need gas and has performance on par with a 250cc gasoline bike. And if you are asking for more, then you better go for a run darling! Powered by 300 amps it will be able to hit 0 -30 within 2 seconds, with 100% torque being made available at all instances. Weighing just 140 pounds, a 2-hour charge offers a 40-mile range.

So if I have got you appreciating this electric bike then, dig out $7,450 or $8,350 for standard and high power models respectively.