Zigo a modular bicycle allows you to carry kids in the ChildPod

Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle seems to be a good alternative for your vehicle; at least you don’t have to refuel it which has become so expensive these days. So instead of taking your kids for a drive in your van why don’t you try the Zigo Leader Carrier Bicycle? The Zigo is a modular bicycle that allows you to carry a team of kids in the ChildPod up front, unlike the other bikes which have the child sitting behind you. In this manner you can keep a good eye on your children while riding. After reaching the desired place, the detachable ChildPod can be removed and transformed into a stroller in about 30 seconds

Zigo to be used as a standard 2-wheeled bicycle once you attach the front wheel. So if you want this stroller cum bike cum childpod you have to lighten your pocket by $995.

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