10 of the most comfortable sleep wear airlines offers to premium passengers

Airlines may strive to bring you the best beds that you could possibly find in the sky, but you can’t be truly ensconced in luxury until you’re sporting some soft and comfy pyjamas. Nightwear may not your first thought when you’re booking a flight, but rest assured you don’t want to spend the night in itchy, uncomfortable nightclothes. Some airlines, however, do know that posh pyjamas are a must for the perfect first class flight experience and have intelligently included them in their amenity kits. Here is Business Trveller’s round up of the airlines that feature pyjamas:

10. Cathay
Cathay’s versatile grey night suit looks like it’s been plucked right out of the pages of a fashion magazine. Created by PYE – a Hong Kong based luxury menswear brand- the sleep suits are modeled on the Zhongshan Zhuang or the mandarin collar suit. Updates include a double-sided collar which can be worn up as a mandarin collar or folded down in the western pyjama style. Made from 100% organic cotton, this loungewear is super comfortable and breathable ensuring comfort throughout a long flight and utility long after you’ve landed.
9. Emirates
Emirates’ two tone pyjamas are not the chicest offerings out there, but they’re highly utilitarian. The top is a simple V-necked shirt while the pyjama pants are akin to brown drawstring sweatpants. The lightweight fabric makes them soft and comfortable while the amenity kits that accompany them are extensive and filled with goodies. This is probably one of the nicer sweat-suits that you’ll wear in your lifetime.
8. Lufthansa
Designed by Van Laack Lufthansa’s night wear varies by route and month so there’s plenty of variety to be found. What they all have in common though is the high comfort afforded by the use of high quality 100% cotton. The loose cut shirt and thin pants are especially beneficial when the cabins are too warm for comfort.
7. ANA
Air Nippon Airways offers comfy loungewear to both First and Business class passengers however the pyjamas must be returned at the end of the flight. ANA’s offerings are delicate knits in light grey tones. Additionally passengers can also borrow a warm cardigan for the duration of the flight if they do not want to change into PJs.
6. Qatar
We know that Qatar either goes big or goes home and when it comes to those little luxuries, this airline doesn’t fool around. First class passengers are treated to amenity kits that include Giorgio Armani fragrances and Missoni sleeper suits. The pyjamas are super soft and come with matching slippers. The entire kit features Missoni’s signature chevron print. You won’t have a single unstylish moment in this outfit.

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