100 Million Tourists a Year In Paris Make It the Most Visited City In the World!

Ever wondered what makes paris the most visited city in the world? Wanna be a witness to an enigmatic and implausibly beautiful, heaven-on-earth kinda place? Then PARIS is the word! A perfect city to defenestrate your reservations and let down your hair. If you have the moolah in your kitty, you know how to enjoy this extravagant city king-size. From grand boulevards to attractive arcades it has it all. Rejuvenate in the classic hotels of Paris in Nights of luxury or adventure, sumptuous sophistication, or cool and cozy spots. For 4-star luxury accommodations, you can choose among conspicuous names like Ritz Paris, L’ Hotel, Plaza Athenee Paris, etc.

A night can cost you anywhere from 1320 To 2000 €. Sightseeing in Paris is like plunging into ancient history: remains of the old Roman Lutetia, grand medieval abbeys, gothic masterpieces, classical architecture. 180 museums and monuments for your enjoyment like Concierge, Eiffel Tower, Musée Jacquemart-André, etc. Discover internationally-renowned collections of paintings, sculptures, and decorative art. For all the connoisseurs of art here is a place to invest your money in. When in Paris how can you even dream of returning home until you splurge your money in the fashion capital of the world? Where would Paris be without the spell-binding skills of the master craftsmen of “haute couture” and luxury goods? Year after year, their fashion collections grab the limelight, and their creations dazzle. Here a garment or an accessory becomes a work of art, elegant or extravagant, to glamourize your wardrobe or simply to delight the gaze. Shop till you drop in the luxurious arcades and designer boutiques like Balenciaga, La Vallee Village, UUU, etc. And if the shopaholics have had their cake the gastronomes shouldn’t lose hope either. Paris is renowned worldwide as a capital of gastronomy: a winning combination of talent, expertise, and high-quality French produce. Alain Ducasse’s Au Plaza Athenee is heaven for gastronomes where the Average “à la carte” prices is a whopping 320 €. All said and done the magic is never felt till experienced. Get your act on and catch the next flight to a perfect city- Paris. Afterall heavens fall here!

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