12 reasons why St Moritz should be at the top of your travel bucket list

9 – Live life king-size
There are five five-star hotels in St Moritz – the opulent Big 5, namely, The Klum Hotel (opened in 1856 by Badrutt), Badrutt’s Palace (opened in 1896 by the legend’s son Casper Badrutt), Suvretta House (a fairy castle with turrets), Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains and Carlton Hotel (little over a 100 years old). These palace hotels are some of the most expensive ones in Europe and have housed several well-known personalities and dignitaries. Flawless service tailor-made to fit every whim of its esteemed patrons in the lap of luxury is the ideal way to describe the experience staying in one of these landmarks.

8 – Brush shoulders with the stars
If you are lucky, you could be dining next to George Clooney. Or Kate Moss. Or maybe even Princess Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte. The resort has always been most popular with the affluent, royalty and movie stars. Some of the prominent visitors include Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, the Kennedy Family, the Shah of Persia, Uma Thurman, Robbie Williams, Anne Hathaway, and so on. German tennis wonder Boris Becker got married in this glitzy town. Oprah Winfrey had a less exciting experience when she felt racially discriminated at a popular store here during one of her trips. Hey, what is glam without gossip. St Moritz doesn’t fail us even here.

Now thats a setting - We indulged in some finger food in a private setting inside the Badrutt Palace's wine cellar.
Now thats a setting – We indulged in some finger food in a private setting inside the Badrutt Palace’s wine cellar.

7 – Gourmet grandeur
Gourmet in St Moritz is on top of the world. Star-studded skies may seem almost at hand’s reach with most leading restaurants located above 1,800 m altitude, and spotting a celebrity here is a common sight.
Haute couture meets haute cuisine with its impressive choice of delicatessens. Have you ever heard of haute-couture ham? Well, St Moritz has it.
Have you had fish and chips for $400 a plate? Well, you can at St Moritz.‘Conspicuous consumption’, as a reporter once described it. That is what you get at St Moritz. There is elegance in every step, bite, and breath you take.
Tourists are spoiled for choice with the plethora of dining options. Four have been awarded the much-coveted Michelin Stars, including Ecco on Snow at the Giardino Mountain Hotel and Da Vittororio at the Carlton Hotel.

6 – Dine with the stars
An Epicurean’s delight awaits 2,486 metres high in Corviglia, the local mountain and winter sports region in St Moritz – the highly popular, family-owned Mathias Food Affairs featuring seven eating joints including La Marmite, Butschella, De Fat Moonk, Quattro BAR, Terrazza, Caviar House &Prunier Seafood Bar and Mathias Lounge.
Another equally magnificent restaurant is Muottas Muragl which offers panoramic views from 2,440 m high.
And the winner is …wait, see the next point.

5 – Most scenic restaurant in the world
This deserves a dedicated section. Actually it deserves much more, maybe a whole book or volumes of empty pages. No script, only pictures. Because words cannot describe the magnificence of the view that Alp Grumrestaurant offers. The restaurant is accessible only by train, on the Bernina line. Stepping out of the station, you almost stumble into the restaurant that will take your breath away. At 2,091 metres above sea level, the restaurant’s sunshine terrace offers stunning views that match no other. To get the best view, go in spring. Book well in advance as the waiting list can extend to a week or so. But that is a small price to pay for the astounding beauty it offers. Enjoy the view with a locally brewed beer and a Swiss favourite, pizzocheri which is flat ribbon pasta made of buckwheat flour.

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