17 hours 35 minutes – Emirates to debut the worlds longest flight

When it comes to luxury at 35,000 feet, Emirates has always been my go to airline! I mean receiving such levels of luxury and service mid-air is something only the Middle-Eastern airline could pull off. For the longest time, it was Qantas that was operating the longest non-stop flight from the city of Dallas to the shores of Sydney but now Emirates tops this one. With their non-stop flight travelling an 8,700 mile distance to transport passengers from the Dubai to Panama City, Emirates officially takes the cake for the longest commercial flight!

Of course, if you are luxury-obsessed like the rest of us here first class on Emirates is the way to go on this lengthy 17 hour 35 minute flight. Although the airline does promise a wonderful experience even to those in economy, we still prefer top-of-the-line!

The maiden voyage slated for a February 1, 2016 journey marks Emirate’s debut into the Central American skies. The daily service will be served by a Boeing 777-200LF aircraft.

[Via – Fortune]

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