2013 Harrods Christmas World welcomes with a life-size Santa Claus on sale

We know Christmas is still a few months away. But tell me one thing, how could anyone resist the urge of Christmas shopping at any time of the year? How could we possibly restrain from such a joyous treat? Recognizing this irresistible urge, Harrods has recently open doors to its Christmas World. Located on the third floor, the department spreads over 2000sq.ft of space. As expected, the floor caters to anything and everything one needs for the joyous occasion – cards, stocking fillers, and decorations. The highlight, however, in all these, is a 6ft Santa Claus that comes for £3999 (approx. $6,100). Its a $1000 more than the life size Santa Harrods earlier sold.

However, since we do not have a picture to accompany the 6ft figure, here’s another bear hug from Harrods, in the form of a 20-inches Sebastian bear. It has ‘Harrods 2013’ embroidered on its left foot, wears Santa’s red and white fur trim duffle coat, is a bundle of soft long light brown fur, and is best suited as a gift for children above three years. The Sebastian Harrods’ 2013 Christmas Bear costs £99.95 (approx. $160).

[Via – Harrods]

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