65,000 watch parts suspending from the ceiling create an out of this world installation

Japanese watch manufacturer Citizen and Paris-based architect Tsuyoshi Tane of DGT have created an art installation that breathes life and magic into the main plates- the main movement plate that forms the foundation of all watches. The immersive indoor art installation, called Light is Time, consists of 65,000 shimmering watch parts suspended from metal threads hooked to the ceilings of the Spiral Gallery in Tokyo. The spectacular installation was first unveiled during Milan Design Week earlier this year, featuring 80,000 watch base plates.

The 65,000 main plates suspended in air dissolve into a simulacrum of magical golden droplets of rain frozen in time. Light is Time illustrates the allure of Citizen brand spirit by also displaying a 1920s pocket watch representing the company’s origin through to its latest model –Satellite Wave F100.


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