8 Beaches where the rich and the famous spend their summers

For some Life is a B***h, while for a lucky, I’d like to rephrase that, some extremely lucky peeps life is a ‘beach’. Enjoying life in the warm sun and pristine sands is on everyone’s wish list, bucket lists, call it what you may. While some of us keep hoping, wishing and praying for that to happen, other rich and famous people are living it, loving it and showing the world what should be next on their lists. Here’s a list of some fabulous beaches from different parts if the world, where you will find hoards of celebrities letting their hair loose apart from other mesmerising things. Read on to know more…

8. South Beach Miami: The beauty and excitement of Miami makes it a hot favourite with celebrities. Sun, sand and sass is what you will find in abundance here among other celebrity vices. Its nicknamed as Sobe and is trendy and quirky with a glittering nightlife that glitters, well, all day! South Beach has got its share of attention in the form of television series named after it, reality shows like Keeping up with the Kardashians.

7. Las Salina Beach, Ibiza: time to keep it cool, Come to Las Salina to get your cool quotient up and rising. The beach has It all, long wide crescent of pale white sands, catamarans for rent, a string of bars and restaurants that would play amazing foot-tapping tunes and happily serve food and alcohol on the sands. No surprise this place is such a hit with celebrities. Las Salina is loved by Kate Moss and her celebrity friend Jade Jagger. If you like to relax like a hippy or make a memorable night on the town, look no further.

6. Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro: The beach is to die for but this place is also loved by the rich and famous money minters for the fabulous Copacabana Palace Hotel. This lis has covered the greatest, most beautiful beaches, and Copacabana qualifies as the most famous beaches of them all. If there were a mirror on the wall to claim the most popular of them all, it would chant Copacabana all day. This magnificent confluence of land ad sea has something in store for everyone. Footballers singing their anthems, cariocas, caipirinhas and lots of bronzed bodies is what you will be mesmerised by at Copacabana. Speaking ou the itch and famous who’ve been here, the lint includes likes of Tom Cruise, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe and more recently Justin Beiber, Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. The who’s who of Hollywood and real royalty sets this place apart.

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5. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas- this beach in pink! Isn’t that reason enough to pack and leave for this serene location? A lot of rich and famous people would agree. While here you can enjoy, party rom swimming and sunbathing, activities like snorkelling and diving. It’s been a favourite for many celebrity weddings too owing to its pink sands known to be beautiful any soft like baby powder. The beach isn’t overpopulated, and hence you will be able to rub shoulders with some very famous rockstars, movie stars and many famous people. Hollywood stars like Jennifer Anniston and Cameron Diaz have been spotted enjoying their time here. Other rich and famous who showed interest in the picturesque locale by buying an entire island was Don Purdy and his late partner Wallace Tutt.

4: Puntacana: The rich and famous don’t always look for glitz and glamour on vacations and this is why Puntacana is much loved. It’s an escape from the hustle bustle in the truest sense of the term. Definitely not as glitzy as St. Bart’s, Puntacana appeals to laid-back jet-setters as well as to celebrities, from Charlize Theron and Gabriel Byrne to the Clintons, looking to keep a low profile. Looking for a hustling bustling beach destination, then his ain’t the place for you. It’s about peace, plantations, luxurious villas and corales.

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3. Varadero Beach, Cuba: This beach has been dubbed as the greatest beach in the world, it’s no surprise then that you will find some of the greatest people of the world here too! The pride of Cuba, and a magnet for the rich and famous, it offers 21-kilometre strip of fine white sand and is an ideal vacation spot for sun-lovers, water babies and golfers. Celebs who e given their heart to Varadero Beach include footballer José Miranda and Leonel”Bebito” Smith who is a famous swimmer.

2. St. Barts: Sun and sand not enough? Whoever said that’s all you’re getting at St. Bart’s; While warm sand and blue waters do make an ideal vacation location, this destination has that and a whole lot more. All of the hot celebrities dock their yachts at St. Barts. A quaint vacation by day turns into a sensational hotspot by night with the best clubs, music and god knows who you’d have sitting on the next table. Musical celebrities, more like legends have been spotted here. You have the likes of Mick Jagger, Jimmy Buffett and host of other celebs like Beyonce, Gwen Stafani, Paris Hilton, Sean Combs, Ivanka Trump, or Mariah Carey. Last but not the least you’ve gotta be there for Nikki beach, the sexiest place on Earth!

1. Riviera Maya: This place is heaven on Earth. Riviera Maya extends along the Caribbean coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. There’s a lot in store for everyone but the rich and famous seem to have their heart set in here. A-listers can vouch for it as they can’t have enough of this place just once. The amazing Caribbean beaches, rich Mayan Culture and a thousand different things to do in the area, makes it a hot favourite. You will see celebs like Leonardo Di Caprio, Jared Leto, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez and others enjoying luxury at its best. Heard a lot of them are investing here too.

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