Pic – A Qatar Airways flight with 80 falcons belonging to a Saudi prince

While the middle easterners have strange ways of blowing up their stash, some of their unusual errands take the entire world by storm. One such incident ensued by a Saudi Prince involves a flight of 80 hawks on an airplane that has recently gone viral on the internet. While you may be right in thinking that winged birds would certainly not need to be flown out of a plane, it seems like a fair deal for this middle eastern prince who probably owns more money than sense.

The viral image has been uploaded on reddit by a user named “lensoo” who claims to have got his hands on the picture via “a captain friend”. The visual shows a fleet of hawks being seated on the plane with their wings being tied down to prevent them from flying around. The birds are believed to be flying in what looks like a Qatar airway flight, but the same is yet to be confirmed. As for the bizarre imagery, it has certainly prompted a series of responses ranging from awe to shock.

Since falcons are one of the symbols of the United Arab Emirates, they are eligible to have their own passports for air travel. Hence, flying birds off planes is a pretty common drill in the middle east. Though spotting a bird or two on the passenger seat may be commonplace in the Saudi lands, booking an entire jet for the bird family like this one is surely rare sight!


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