9 reasons you will fall in love with a honeymoon in the Maldives

With sugar white palm tree fringed beaches and azure blue lagoons, it’s not difficult to see why the islands of the Maldives captivate so many honeymooning couples.

A honeymoon to the Maldives is both secluded and exclusive in equal measures. Resorts are only accessible by sea, meaning you’ll speed off in either a speedboat or seaplane, avoiding those long and arduous taxi or coach transfers associated with your usual resort based holidays. What better way to start married life together than with an exhilarating ride on a speedboat or seaplane to your water villa!

Couples celebrating their recent nuptials flock to the Maldives in search of a real desert island experience, the perfect place to take the time to enjoy each other’s company and reflect on the commitment you have made to each other.
We’ve listed 9 ways which you and your partner will truly fall in love, not just with each other but with the Maldives islands themselves.

9.Enjoy an invigorating couples massage
Resorts in the Maldives are renowned for their stunning spa’s, offering all different kinds of treatments. Each of the highly skilled therapists use specific products and provide personal consultations to provide a personally tailored treatment.
For honeymooning couples, experience true bliss with a side-by-side couples massage. Many of the spa treatments can be booked in advance before you even set foot on the plane, so it’s the perfect surprise for someone who may not be expecting it!

8.Meet the locals at Malé island
Immersing yourselves in the local Maldivian culture is a must-do when visiting the islands on your honeymoon. Take a trip to Male, the capital city to truly experience the culture of these wonderful islands. The island is famous for its markets, where you can pick up some special presents for your jealous friends and family you’ve left back at home.
The fish market here is a great experience, you won’t believe the variety of colours within each day’s catch. We bet you won’t be able to name any of them!
The spices here at the market are also out of this world. It’s worth picking up some of your most used flavours, so you can recreate and remember the flavours when you arrive home.
Not only will you experience the culture of the Maldives, away from the opulent luxury of the resorts, but you’ll be supporting the wider economy as well!

7.Enjoy an enchanting nighttime sight
The Maldives is famous for its bioluminescence. This is something that occurs naturally in the waters surrounding the islands when the microscopic organisms within the seawater react to the oxygen, and produce a beautiful blue glow in the evening.
Take a walk along the beach and spot the sparkling blue waves crashing against the shoreline and marvel at the beauty of the Maldives.

6.An eco-friendly honeymoon destination
Enjoying the Maldives is one thing, but these beautiful islands must be preserved if we want to continue to enjoy the natural beauty of them for years to come – besides, you’ll want to revisit in 50 years to celebrate your golden wedding anniversary, right?
This is why many resorts in the Maldives have begun eco friendly initiatives to ensure that paradise is preserved.
For an alternative souvenir idea, you can even adopt your own section of a reef, and get email updates on how it’s growing and developing as the years go by.

5.Sunset Cruises and Island Picnics on deserted island
When you arrive at your Maldives island resort, we can assure you, leaving will be the last thing on your mind. However, there are a number of excursions you can book onto. Jump onto a Dhoni (a traditional wooden sailboat) and cruise to another uninhabited island in the middle of the ocean. Once you get there, you’ll enjoy sunbathing, cocktails and a private picnic, all provided for you.

4.Scuba Diving & Snorkeling – the Maldives is not just a fly-and-flop holiday
Snoozing in the sun, eating beautiful food and relaxing might be just the ticket after the busy months leading to your wedding day. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then the Maldives has options for you.
Choose from scuba diving and snorkelling and see if you can spot some of the amazing marine life that the Maldives is famous for. Look out for turtles, manta rays and the harmless reef shark!

3.Picture perfect water villas and bungalows
The accommodation in the Maldives is different from anywhere else in the world. The wooden water villas are set on jetties, pointing into the Indian Ocean. The Jumierah water villas for example, each have their own outdoor deck area with steps leading directly into the ocean. Don’t forget your underwater camera – you never know what marine life you’ll see when going for your morning swim.

2.Private al-fresco dining under a starry sky
With a Maldives honeymoon, everything you could possibly need is taken care of. A candlelit dinner on the beach is an experience you both will never forget. Enjoy the freshest produce served to you in the most romantic setting. Sit back, relax together and gaze at the unspoiled starry sky.

1.Long and empty beaches
The Maldives has some of the most postcard perfect beaches in the world and what’s more, they are completely secluded and empty. The last thing you will need to worry about is overcrowding on any beach. Simply step out of your water villa and pick a spot on the beach to spend the day!

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