A guide to the best of Sicily

If warm unending summer days, a 1000 kilometers of dreamy coastline, living in castles and palazzos all while enjoying one of the best cuisines and wines is your idea of an ideal holiday then Sicily is the haven you’re looking for. Let’s dive into the wonders of the wonderful Sicily and delve into its myriad offerings:

Where to stay:
Nothing better than spending your days on holiday villas with luxurious pools, envious views and best of nature to make your stay the most remarkable ever. A property overlooking the gorgeous, sweeping Aegean Sea, endless olive groves, golden-sand beaches, and flapping cypress trees is one you should go for. But how does one select the most fitting holiday villa in Sicily when every other villa is surrounded by transparent blue pools and fantastic offerings? We suggest you trust IsulaSicilia for access to the best luxury villas in Sicily.

Apart from world-class villas that boast of infinity pools, gyms, large bedrooms and proximity to the golden sandy beaches, you can easily get services like private transfers to boat trips, from home chefs to cleaning staff. The villas are available in several locations all over Sicily like Capo D’Orlando, Ispica, Pozzallo, Santa Maria del Focallo, Modica, Marsala and more.

Where to shop:
Sicilian fashion is one that is never overlooked. The high fashion brand Dolce & Gabanna is also instrumental in putting Sicilian fashion on the map highlighting its elements like bold prints, the cigarette, the colorfully decorated horse cart, and its umpteen juicy fruity prints are quite the rage all over the world. But when in Sicily where the fashionista should be heading? The heart of the city also doubles as your fashion destination; the Sicilia Outlet Village is located in the center of the Sicily, housing big brands like Gucci, Prada and the likes. For a more local and bohemian sense of fashion head straight to La Casa Eoliana, where local artisans weave traditional Sicilian crafts and imagery into something attractively modern. Another shopping hotspot is Parisi Taormina a sophisticated collection of boutiques in the enchanting town of Taormina.

Where to eat:
Food is as important as fashion in Sicily if not more. No vacation can be complete without good food and in Sicily, it’s safe to say, you’re among the best there is. The island’s strategic location in the Mediterranean has a lot to do with its food influences Arab, Greek, French, Spanish and North African influences, with myriad Italian flavors thrown in for good measure. Let’s also not forget this place is an oenophile’s paradise. Head to the lovely La Foresteria, the boutique wine resort of the prestigious Planeta Estate, a family of winemakers that’s been honing its craft for over five centuries. At Focacceria Del Massimo you can enjoy street-snack standouts like the panelle (crispy flat fritters). For a pleasant evening, sipping a cocktail or two at sundown in the dazzling Piazza del Duomo, home to the cathedral of Siracusa seems like a great way to spend time. Should you be in the mood for some Sicilian fare with a Mediterranian backdrop then head to the Ristorante La Moresca at Ispica.

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