Where to stay, dine and splurge – A luxury guide to the best of Split, Croatia

A luxury guide to Split, Croatia

Split- the place is so aptly named as is truly split between the best of antiquity and urban living. For those who have been to this wonderful place already know that Split is an ocean-hugging city but its sweeping beaches and rocky coves aren’t the only reason, you should be holidaying there. People of Split enjoy a laid-back vibe in the city full of an intricate knot of cobbled streets that adds to its charm. The city boasts a thumping, bustling nightlife that attracts tourists from all over Europe and is a haven for coffee-lovers. Enjoying a cup of coffee isn’t just a pick-and-go activity rather it’s a tradition that is indulged in for hours, an entire afternoon or at least a couple of hours. Split is truly split into many astonishing facets all of which are enticing in their own way. Let’s explore the many amazing characters of Split and learn what this hot-spot destination has to offer-

Where to stay: why go anywhere when a slice of sunshine and delicious views of the Mediterranean Sea are served to you at every nook and corner? In order to make the most of the inimitable view of the city, you got to stay hotels that do offer you the best possible views. Luckily for us, Croatia displays quite a few such properties that allow guests to appreciate this vertical city overlooking the sea. You can opt to stay in hotels or for those who want to ditch the touristy traps there are unimaginably beautiful luxury villas in Croatia. Of the several gorgeous hotel properties marking the Croatian coast in Split, the Cornora Hotel is one of the best locations to stay. Its roof deck is idyllic to relish a cocktail at sunset or submerge in the rooftop pool no matter day or night. The Marmont Hotel Heritage is a luxurious and elegant property nestled in the heart of the buzzing city outlined with historic cobblestone sidewalks. Those looking to immerse themselves in the ancient eras of Split can opt for the eternal Judita Palace, or the Vestibul Palace, ideal for whiling away an afternoon while overlooking the gorgeous city below.

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Where to eat: if only the beauty of this place and its picturesque locations could fill up our stomachs while it continues to satiate our souls, we would truly never crave food again. But it’s simply criminal to not indulge in the region’s exceptional seafood and wine. Almost all restaurants in Split bring to you the best of this coastal town’s gastronomy. Many popular restaurants are located on the waterside location, overlooking the harbor and beach like the restaurant Zrno Soli Split known for its tantalizing local seafood and fish and the Restaurant Kadena that keep over 400 varieties of wine. The restaurant focuses on top quality local ingredients, from both sea and land, including truffles, asparagus, and wild rice. To indulge in mouth-watering delicacies like smoked duck breast tagliata, steak tartare, seafood risotto, lobster and lamb chops in a Dalmatian spice crust head straight Split’s five-star Hotel Park that’s reigning as one of Split’s finest restaurants since 1921. Restaurant Dvor on Bacvice Beach, overlooking the sea gives visitors a chance to dine under the star-filled sky, in the conservatory or out on a terrace.

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Where to shop: shopping in Split is an interesting experience. It will take you from the upmarket City Centre Mall housing the best international brands. But you can also enjoy a unique shopping spree in the alleys within the walls of the Palaces that contain many shops, department stores and a range of small authentic art galleries, souvenir, and antique shops. The good thing is these tiny streets are covered by the shady coolness of the stone walls, which keeps the climate cool allowing visitors long shopping hours sans the fatigue. Take a trip to the green market not just for the best local produce and local brandies but Green Market has unending stalls full of clothing items, accessories, knickknacks and anything else you can think of. the Diocletian Palace holds a prison with underground chambers called’ Podrum’.the place is only open for special events which sometimes include an array of picturesque stalls, well-equipped with souvenirs and artworks of any sort.

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