A much-needed year of wellness, a chalet experience in astounding Alaska, a luxury trailer and more – Here are our 4 best picks from the 2020 Neiman Marcus Fantasy gifts

The holiday season officially begins when Neiman Marcus releases their extravagant Fantasy Gifts list. It may be a dismal year in every way possible that also managed to dampen the spirits of Neiman Marcus back in May 2020 when the largest American retailer had begun bankruptcy proceedings since the coronavirus has got the world economy on its knees. But no one can keep good things away for too long and the sun is shining again as Neiman Marcus’ is back with its 94th annual Holiday Book with slightly more accessible, hot-ticket items for a change. While the 2019 catalog was packed with luxe factors at an all-time high and crazier-than-ever ideas like creating a couture pair of Christain Louboutins or getting featured in an Instagram video with Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic and also an around-the-world adventure. Looking at the current world situation many of these thighs are not possible which is why this year’s selection is broader in comparison with a lineup edited to suit current shopping habits. Here’s presenting our top four picks from the exquisite Neiman Marcus fantasy gift collection, 2020:

The Sheldon Chalet Alaska Experience, $345,000
Pilot Don Sheldon more than 70 years ago chanced upon a remote and magical location that came to be known as the historic Sheldon Mountain House in 1966. Come 2018, and the place and the place metamorphosed into a luxurious, hexagonal hut situated in the middle of Denali National Park. This is the time to bond with your people over five magical nights complete with a private chef, glacier exploration led by professional Denali guides, spectacular night skies, and more. In addition, $10,000 will be donated to The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, supporting Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and Sheldon Chalet will donate $5,000 to the Denali Education Center.

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Assouline Custom Travel Library, $295,000
Make the bibliophile in your life extremely ecstatic with renowned publishing house Assouline’s astounding contemporary libraries and furnishings. This gift will buy your special someone a chance to meet with the Assouline’s for a consultation on preferences when it comes to design and books. The publisher will then curate a collection of books, furniture, and one-of-a-kind objets d’art just for you. It would interest you to know that books being replaced by your new collection can be donated to your local school or library in the spirit of the season.

A year of wellness with Canyon Ranch, $345,000
Looks like the people at Neiman Marcus surely realize it’s been a tough year on us all which is why well-being is being treated as the thing to be thinking about. The creators are giving you a chance at well-being; a year-long wellness journey including physicians, nutritionists, life coaches, and other experts at CANYON RANCH to help you and a companion design yearlong regimens to meet the need of one’s mental and physical health. The journey commences with a seven-night resort stay to customize your individualized programs followed by three, weeklong checkups and monthly virtual consultations. You’ll also enjoy unlimited services during your stays which will help you see like in a different perspective beyond the tablets and smartphones.

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Bowlus Endless Highways Bespoke Performance Edition, $255,000
Skipping the airlines is a good idea this year; planning a cross-country road trip on a highly coveted, bespoke Bowlus trailer is even better. With this gift, travel lovers will meet with the CEO of Bowlus, Geneva Long for a design consultation to create a personalized RV, complete with opulent interiors, an array of yacht-grade finishes, and an advanced electrical system that allows you to remain off-grid from L.A. to NYC and back on a single charge. There really never was a better time to hit the roads than ‘right now’ and with a bespoke Bowlus backing you up what’s holding you back?

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