A smart solution for time-pressed parents – Air Nanny Professional Chaperone Services

The Air Nanny, the sister company to the very popular Hotel Nanny, is a recently launched professional chaperone service that focuses on assisted air travel for children. The brainchild of Founder and Managing Director Angela Enel, The Air Nanny was formed after Enel identified the lack of professional chaperone services for kids who need to travel solo. The company was therefore formed to offer personalized services to protect and care for a child/children to get them safely to and/or from their home destination to another place.

Once booked, Air Nanny liaises with the child’s family and several detailed discussions ensue. This includes detailing out the complete journey, discussing and understanding the child’s needs, and ensuring that all the necessary paperwork is in place. A one hour hand over time from the parent(s) to the chaperone in the airport on the day of scheduled travel creates an opportunity for parents to spend time with both the child/children and the chaperone, gauge the interaction between them, and figure out every little detail. Following this, the nanny takes charge and escorts the child all the way to the carer/parent on the other side. The hand over point is always the airport of the final destination, chaperone services are not offered beyond the destination airport premises. Once there, the carer or parent has to pick up the child at the arrival point.

Currently, the main pick up points is chief London airports such as Heathrow, Stansted, and Gatwick. Pickups can also be arranged at Bristol.

The tariff is split into three categories, starting from £ 1,000, going up to £ 2,285. The prices vary as per the chaperone services provided for the number of hours before, during, and after the flight, and depending upon if the services are required for one way or return journeys. Packages can also be customized as per the varying needs of different families.

Air Nanny’s one-of-a-kind and exclusive services are targeted towards time-pressed CEOs, business owners, and top-level managers who find it challenging to make time to travel with their kids to go see family members abroad. The company’s ultimate objective is to unite families settled in different countries.