A Trekkie’s ultimate fantasy – Flying in a zero gravity flight with George Takei

Star Trek will celebrate 50 years of its existence this year, and we couldn’t expect anything less than spectacular to mark this milestone. Roddenberry Adventures and Zero-G have joined hands to offer 20 lucky and wealthy fans an opportunity to discover the life of a true-to-their-belief Trekkie. This will include a weightless flight trip on August 4th, which will commence from Las Vegas. That’s not all. To accompany the passengers, legendary actor, George Takei who played the role of Lt. Hikaru Sulu, will also be on board.

The flight will be a modified Boeing 727, and each ticket will cost the travelers $6,500 plus a 5 percent tax. All passengers will be equipped with a Zero-G flight suit, Regravitation Celebration, and a weightless completion certificate. Mr. Takei will be glad to oblige the fliers with pictures and videos alongside them.

The aircraft will make use of parabolic arcs to replicate the space-like weightlessness. “Weightless flights with Zero-G are already spectacular on their own, but having George Takei on board makes it an exceptional experience,” said Terese Brewster, President, and COO, Zero-G. “This will be an extraordinary opportunity for people to feel like they are in space while sharing that experience with someone who helped ignite our fascination for space exploration.”

[ Via : Cnet ]

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