A $392,000 luxury coach is of no use

Now this one takes the cake for being the most ignorant expense undertaken by city officials of the Brasov. They ordered a luxury coach exclusively designed for Dracula sightseeing tours to boost their economy by attracting more tourists to the city. And so a coach was built that cost them a whopping $392,000. Fine as long as it was aimed at increasing revenue. But in their wildest dreams, they wouldn’t have imagined that the coach won’t even make it past the city gates. Apparently, after constructing the doubledecker coach, the Officials in the City of Brasov were embarrassed to know that the gigantic vehicle couldn’t enter the 10-foot high medieval gates at the old center of the city. A Brasov councilor has admitted that “It’s a complete waste of money. We have no idea what to do now.”

Brasov is close to Bran Castle which attracts thousands of tourists each year as it’s believed to have been the home of Vlad the Impaler – the inspiration for Dracula.