A Blimp for Heavenly Expeditions

This cool blimp is all up for grabs for the adventure seekers. Advanced Hybrid Aircraft’s Hornet Aerial Work enters the navigator’s wishlist with more than just a few benefits to offer the prospective buyer. It can cover distances at 81 knots with the quartet of engines that drive it. That’s equivalent to a distance of 93 miles per hour. You can scrape heights of up to 7000 feet. All you need to work on is the place to park your 100 x 20 feet flying machine. All that Advanced Hybrid Aircraft seeks is to provide you with a great hovering experience over the hills and the dales of your favorite locales.

The Advanced Hybrid Aircraft’s Hornet Aerial Work is available for a meager $1.46 million. Now that you are al glazed and dreamy about the same, let’s catch up on something crazier and faster. How about a private jet?