A Glistening Crystal Ball building to adorn Qatar at the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Architecture today has scaled new heights, and without a doubt, some of the best-engineered and designed architectural pieces in the history of mankind have shown up in recent decades. The 2022 FIFA World Cup might seem ages away, though hosts Qatar has already begun drawing up plans for the same. Recently, we spotted this beautiful twinkling architectural marvel that will soon show up in this Arab state, designed by Vedran Pedišić (SANGRAD) and Erick Velasco Farerra (AVP-arhitekti) and planned by Danijel Koletić of Apriori Communications. Called the Crystal Ball-Light of the Future, this shimmering orb-shaped structure will pack a sports museum and a shopping center and is reminiscent of a giant crystal ball. Resting on a vertical axis and spinning on a spiral path, the crystal ball makes slow revolutions around the center. Gracious, magnificent, and terrifically beautiful, the structure is also energy efficient and will be yet another jewel in Qatar’s crown.

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