A holiday home on the Rigi seems rewarding

It makes sense when you say that you want a holiday out of the world, especially after a rough week at work. Here’s an answer that takes your pleadings a bit too seriously. This holiday house is located on the Rigi,
Scheidegg and is built in a manner that the neighboring dwellings are as far as possible from it. It has a large living room on the ground floor and there are three stories in all that is connected with a single flight of
stairs. There are a concrete wall and a concrete chimney that rises above the house. The windows provide a brilliant 5-meter panoramic view. The house has a wooden touch and you somehow feel like you onboard of an ancient pirate ship that’s marooned in the middle of nowhere with all the luxuries to help you spend a lifetime.

Switzerland is the place to be if you have a fetish for virgin mountain regions. All you need is a budget of $465,000 and this holiday home will be blessed by your hallowed (and rich) presence.