Aa room with an ever-changing view – You can now buy a home onboard this luxury cruise ship

Owing a swanky apartment or residence in the heart of the city is now passé! With Blue World Voyages exclusive new offering, real-estate aficionados now have a way to expand their portfolios without having to re-run through the same old mundane options. The luxury cruise line is now presenting connoisseurs with a rare chance to own a residence on its 720-foot inaugural ship. Yes, that’s right!

The custom redesigned ship is intended to accommodate 425 cruise passengers and 100 residents in a total of 40 luxury residences. The home made available in the form of a purchase agreement that includes a 25-year right of use for owners and will include a host of plush amenities such as a private butler service, housekeeping, concierge, access to a private Owners Club lounge and bar, as well as the ship’s upscale health and wellness facilities, healthy dining and access to onboard “sport experts”.

These one-of-its-kind homes range in size from 850 square feet for a one-bedroom to 1,200 square feet for the two-bedroom units, priced at a whopping $2.4 million to $3.4million. Owners of the residences will also be able to rent them as part of the Blue World Voyages Rental Program year after year. In addition to the Owners Club package, the luxury cruise will also invite guests for week-long excursions, starting at $3,500. Now that’s one way to call the ocean your home!


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