Abu Dhabi’s Guggenheim to be 12 times larger than its New York outpost

Abu Dhabi is bracing itself for yet another cultural marvel, the Guggenheim. Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim is set to embrace the Saadiyat Island as its new home. While the project has been in the pipeline over for a decade, it now seeing the end of the tunnel. Nestled adjacent to the Louvre Abu Dhabi, cultural lovers will get to experience globally-recognised art under one roof.

The Guggenheim in Abu Dhabi is slated to be 12 times the size of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim New York.
The Guggenheim is as exotic and inspiring as one would imagine it to be. The design and concept have been inspired by expansive industrial studio spaces, where a cluster of galleries have been curated with different heights, shapes, and character. The innovative space gives flexibility and perspective in organizing exhibitions at dimensions that did not previously exist. Each cluster is connected by a catwalk that then leads to a covered courtyard. Additional vertical clusters of galleries pile on top of the central circulation creating a combination of vertical and horizontal spaces for exhibition organization.

Art in all mediums will be exhibited at the museum; from the 1960’s to artwork from the 20th and 21st centuries. Fortunately, there will be artworks commissioned specifically for the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi collection. This newly conceptualised museum will entail contemporary gallery layouts, unlike conventional museum spaces that have a traditional outlook.


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