According to this gentleman flying first class is an incredibly uncomfortable experience

While half the world slogs years to afford a first class ticket of a luxury airlines, the uber-rich cannot satiate themselves with that either. Tantrums and irritabilities of the high rolling clan across the globe isn’t news to the commoners and on similar lines we recently heard of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales cribbing away to glory about just how uncomfortable flying first class is for him.

Yes, you heard that right! Flying ‘First Class’ is ‘uncomforting’ for Prince Charles. While you nod your head in disbelief trying to make any little sense in this statement, let us narrate the series of events that led his highness in claiming what he did. As per the Times, a new biography on the prince written by US author Sally Bedell Smith reveals that when traveling to America to accept an environmental leadership award in 2007, the prince opted to fly first class on board a scheduled flight along with his 14-strong entourage. The staunch environmentalist ditched his private jet and flew first class as he was reportedly attempting to reduce his carbon footprint by reducing his use of private charters.

However, as per the book, the Prince was quick to write a letter to his friend while on his return flight home, complaining about how “incredibly uncomfortable” seats located in the upper class deck were and how he longed for the use of his own private jet. Talk about being environmentally conscious Mr. Highness, cough!