AirBnB, will now let you celebrate Halloween at Dracula’s very own castle in Transylvania

If tricking and treating or ordinary costume charades just don’t cut it for you, this Halloween you could satiate your daring soul by staying at Dracula’s Transylvanian residence! In an attempt to make Halloween its spooky best, Airbnb have a rolled out a global contest that will fly the winning guests to the Carpathian Mountains to spend the night at the Bran Castle – Dracula’s very own home.

The exciting stay will be hosted by “a well-respected vampire expert”, Dacre Stoker who also happens to be the great grand-nephew of Dracula’s legendary author – Mr. Bram Stoker. Once the horse-drawn carriage brings the guests to the castle doors, Dacre will greet them with nerve-racking ghost stories, before giving them a historic insight into the eerie world of the Dracula! After a dark tour through secret passages and ghastly medieval hollows, guests will find a candlelight dinner awaiting them before they finally call it a night with “luxurious velvet-trimmed coffins’ in place of beds. If the brave visitors make it through the deadly night, they can enjoy an early breakfast on the castle’ terrace with the sun rising beautifully over the Transylvanian horizon.
The winning visitors will however have to follow a series of rules which ban any garlic or “garlic-scented items” from the residence, as well as silver jewelry and holy symbols. While Airbnb’s 2015 Halloween was a spooky affair at a Parisian catacomb , earlier this year it lured guests into an unnerving gateway at a haunted castle in Denmark. For those who similarly wish to try your luck at the company’s Halloween event for the year, will simply be required to write a short passage on what they would say if they came “face-to-fang” with Count Dracula. So if a sleepover at Dracula’s sounds like a plan, you can send in the entries before the October 26th and prepare yourself for a world of scary surprises that further await!

[ Airbnb Via Telegraph ]

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