AirBNB’s latest prize includes a submarine journey!

AirBNB is offering adeventure seekers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend three days and two nights onboard the Alucia, a world-leading oceanic research and exploration vessel used in the filming of Blue Planet II. The vessel is owned and operated by ocean exploration pioneer OceanX and guests will have the opportunity to explore the ocean in one of the Alucia’s two submersibles.

The host for the experience is Orla Doherty, who has spent over 500 hours at depths up to 1,000 meters working with the Alucia, so she is bound to be a trove of information. Since guests get to share meals with the crew, every moment promises to be exciting and filled with new knowledge.

A special part of the trip is a voyage in a submersible, exploring the waters off of Cape Eleuthera, one of the most biologically diverse areas of the Atlantic ocean. The trip is one of the many prizes that AirBNB has offered over the years as part of their contests. Prize winners this year will have to adhere to hilarious rules like

– No skinny dipping. You never know when the fish might watching.
– Avoid watching Jaws or The Abyss before your trip.
– No sleepwalking or night swimming.
– No selfies with the deep sea creatures

Since the crew abroad will consist of English speakers, entrants are required to be fluent in the language. Participate here: Airbnb

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