All Nippon gives man a single banana on a 9-hour flight

We all seem to have a long list of issues when it comes to airline services. While uncomfortable seating, non-functional headphones, and wailing babies reserve the most frequent spots in our list, disastrous food is another less recurrent but existent problem with in-flight services. If you are thinking stale, cold or tasteless meals is what we are talking about, move on as certain passengers seem to have bigger problems than just that.

On a recent ANA (All Nippon Airways) flight from London to Sydney, a passenger suffered hungry and how, all because of his gluten-free demands. Martin Pavelka, a resident of East London who unfortunately suffers from coeliac disease – a condition where gluttonous products can cause severe ill-effects on the person, made the folly of demanding a gluten-free meal while on board. While one would expect a delicious spread of oat crumbles and rice noodles, in this case, Pavelka was treated to a singular Banana and a sachet of salt! Yep, that’s right – a single Banana for a meal!

The hungry passenger who suffered his way through the £1,200 flight to Australia was quick to complain to ANA officials. To which, a spokesperson for the airlines acclaimed: “We have apologized to him personally and because of his experience we are reviewing our policy on gluten free options and how they are served”. Hopefully, gluten-free meals on ANA would get a lot more wholesome, the next time around!


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