Aman takes you around the world in 22 days with their lavish private jet expedition

The world “Aman Resort” and “Package tour” don’t usually seem to go together; the former brings to mind a luxurious experience with a slow, leisurely pace while the latter usually tends to be a laundry list of activities crammed into an embarrassingly short time period mixed in with exhausting flights. But of course, Aman is surprising us all by offering an exclusive world tour that touches down at a number of destinations across Asia and Europe over 22 days.

When we say exclusive, we really mean it. Only 16 guests will have the opportunity to be a part of the experience. Accommodations are, of course, all Aman properties that range from urban to remote – a choice that allows guests to experience the full breadth of Aman’s hospitality in different locations.

The experience includes Aman resorts in Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Bhutan, India, Greece, Montenegro and Italy and you’ll travel to each of these stunning locations in a private Airbus ACJ 318 which boasts 4 lounges, 2 restrooms and even a shower. The resort has planned a wide array of activities and experiences that include everything from sushi making and sword fighting lessons in Tokyo to off road cycling in Vietnam’s Vinh Hy Bay. As with other pre-planned tours, there will be plenty of visits to local attractions and opportunities to shop. Activities are tailored to each location, so you can enjoy a visit to an Elephant sanctuary in Thailand or visit the Cheri monastery in Bhutan.

Throughout the trip, there will be opportunities to socialize with your fellow travelers at breakfasts and special cocktail evenings and of course, there is always the promise of the luxurious Aman spas at their resorts.

To reserve a spot email [email protected] or call +1 646 403 4128

View the full itinerary here: Aman


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