Surreal Spanish artist Salvador Dali is recreated as an AI avatar in a Florida museum

Salvador Dali may have left us long ago, but his legend continues to live on in our hearts. And in making sure that memories of his are supported by a more living proof, The Dali Museum is all set to present an AI-inspired life-like version of the Surrealist that will also act as a ‘host’ to the millions who visit the revered art center every year.

Called the ‘Dali Lives’, the installation will include a virtual Dali who will appear on a life-size screen and accompany patrons as they traverse through the museum. The AI inspired version will narrate stories of Dali’s art and his apparent “thoughts” on modern day events, while also bidding them goodbye on exit. Created by the Museum in close collaboration with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the installation makes use of “deepfake” technology along with content from millions of frames of interviews and onscreen appearances of the artist. The makers have also collaborated with a Barcelona-based actor to perfect the voice and the magnanimous nuances of Dali’s personality.

Commenting on the awe-inspiring virtual version, Dr. Hank Hine, executive director at The Dali said, “Dali was prophetic in many ways and understood his historical importance,” He further added, ““Dali has died, but not entirely. This technology lets visitors experience his bigger-than-life personality in addition to our unparalleled collection of his works.” The Dali Lives will be open for guests onward April 2019 at the Dali Museum in Florida.


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