An inflatable bubble in the middle of a forest -Check this unique performance space in Netherlands

Art and culture is celebrated in unique forms all over the world. One such very intriguing cultural fest is held in Netherlands on the beautiful island of Terschelling. Called the Oerol- the annual festival welcomes a multitude of performances from all over the country, thus fostering the uniqueness of every form of expression alike. While this Dutch celebratory spirit is interesting in itself, what has managed to catch are eye indeed is this year’s set up for the planned performances at the festival.

Oerol means ‘everywhere’ in Dutch, and living quite up to its name, the stage for the fest this year is the backdrop of a forest on the mesmerizing lands of Terschelling. Conceptualized to look like a transparent bubble, the design offers a vastness and a feeling of openness, while still retaining a sense of intimacy and calm. The entire concept is conceived and brought in place by the Berlin collective Plastic Fantastique and is a treat for the eyes, if nothing else.

The whole installation is divided into three main parts that include two bubbles placed on either side of an opaque circular tube in which one can walk and stroll around in awe. The unique and aesthetically planned space will welcome dancers like Leine Roebana as well as musicians such as Kate Moore and the The Stolz. One drawback though, the structure is made entirely out of plastic. Not too ecofriendly, but certainly a great way of enjoying some mesmerizing art for a while!


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