Anti-aging tour package in Korea targets wealthy Chinese

The nouve riche of China seems to be on a spending spree like there is no tomorrow and business around the world are pitching in to capitalize on this new found wealth. So its no surprise when Possom Prestige, a Korean company announced their luxurious anti-aging package, it was almost sold out. The luxury tour package will include plastic surgery treatment and recovery, accommodations, sightseeing and shopping. The Chinese travel agency is making this anti-aging package available only to 180 Chinese who will be making the trip to Korea on a charter flight. Once in Korea they will be housed at the Ritz-Carlton Korea and treated to a luxurious week long stay. The cost of this all inclusive tour is just around 100 million won which converts to $87,680.

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However a representative from Ritz-Carlton Seoul has clarified that Possom Prestige is anti-aging clinic located in their hotel but they are separate companies. But the guests who book up with Possom Prestige stay at Ritz-Carlton Seoul.
[Posom PrestigeRitz Carlton Seoul via Donga]