Anticipation looms for space tourists as Virgin Galactic inks deal with New Mexico hotel

Virgin Galactic appears to be getting closer to its maiden passenger flight into space. World’s first commercial spaceline has announced partnership with New Mexico based hotel Encanto de Las Cruces as the preferred hotel for its wealthy guests and to enhance experience for future astronauts who will travel to space from Spaceport America.

Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces, managed by New Mexico’s Heritage Hotel and Resorts, plans to hire dedicated Guest Concierges to help manage the Virgin Galactic guest experience, as well as add new rooms, facilities and multi-lingual staff for Virgin Galactic’s international travelers.

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“By partnering with Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces and World Class Gourmet, we further our vision of investing in the local New Mexico community while we define the Virgin Galactic astronaut experience,” said Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides. “Future Astronauts will come from around the world to New Mexico, so it’s important that they experience the outstanding local offerings and character as part of their experience.”

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Virgin Galactic also announced a contract with World Class Gourmet of Las Cruces to provide catering for travelers during their training at Spaceport. “It is truly an honor and privilege to be a part of this unique opportunity and partnership with Virgin Galactic. Here at World Class Gourmet, we are all excited and grateful for what the future holds and look forward to the outstanding relationships developed as we serve the world’s Future Astronauts and Virgin Galactic,” said Chef Tatsu Miyazaki, Founder, World Class Gourmet LLC.

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