Aqua Amazon lets you cruise the river in pure luxury with 12 suites and an onboard chef

If you’ve cruised the world over the oceans, but haven’t yet gotten an opportunity to set sail on the world’s second longest river, then here’s a prospect. Fulfill your hearts desire with Aqua Expeditions, who are the first to venture into luxury cruising on the waters of the Amazon. The company has re-launched its first luxury vessel – Aqua Amazon endowing it with better interiors and technological enhancements.

The 130ft Aqua Amazon has been re-designed by its original designer Jordi Puig, who has refurbished the entire cruise from top to bottom. This includes all the 12 suites, as well as the common areas. The vessel has been upgraded with new furnishings, bathrooms and blackout curtains that span across the floor-to-ceiling windows giving you an uninterrupted view of the river expanse.

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The same goes with the exterior lounge – starting from its canopy to the flooring. In terms of technology, the captain and head guides now have satellite phones. Also the vessel now boasts of new flooring on skiffs that ensures easy and comfortable embarking and disembarking for guests.

Coinciding with the re-launch Aqua Amazon has also launched a new, superior wine list for their guests, which perfectly compliments the haute cuisine created by the vessel’s Executive Chef – Pedro Miguel Schiaffino.

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Aqua Expeditions will soon launch its third luxury vessel – Aqua Mekong in early 2014, which will operate itineraries in Vietnam and Cambodia.

[Via – Luxury-Travel-Magazine]