Arrive in a helicopter to experience the 2012 British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix 2012 is set to start in about six weeks. The Barclays London Heliport is making sure everyone has a one-of-a-kind experience for this spectacular event. Out-of- towners can avail of their helicopters and experience a luxurious way to reach the venue. Heliport Manager Simon Hutchins said in his statement “traveling by helicopter to what is one of the highlights of the Season is the ultimate way to experience Silverstone”. He also mentioned that it only takes around 25 minutes to fly from The London Heliport to the Siverstone circuit ensuring passengers a smooth ride without the hassle of traffic.

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With Britain’s own Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Paul di Resta competing in the Formula One, The Barclays London Heliport is gearing up for one of their busiest weekend.