Asia’s first Legoland Hotel will open in Malaysia

Malaysia’s up coming Legoland will soon have its own hotel, but you may have to wait a while for that. The Hotel which is touted as Asia’s first Legoland Hotel will open sometime in 2014. It will be located in the southern state of Johor and ground work on it began last month. The developers Merlin Entertainments Groups and LL Themed Hotel hopes to attract all kinds of visitors and tourists and said “It will bring Lego to life with imaginative theming and a host of child friendly features from low counters in the restaurant to treasure chests full of Lego in the bedrooms”. The developers assured the hotels will be constructed from regular building materials.

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The 76-acre (31-hectare) park, which will offer 40 rides, shows and displays featuring the Danish toy bricks, will be one of the main attractions of Iskandar Malaysia — a dedicated economic development zone bordering Singapore. Malaysia’s Legoland Hotel will be the fourth hotel of its kind with two other Legoland Hotels in Denmark and Britain, and the third one in California which will open in 2013.

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