Banksy’s Dismaland dismantled to donate housing materials for refugees in Calais, France

While the rest of the world is gawking at the European migrant crisis, British artist Banksy is proceeding to carry out his little bit. Later this month, Banksy’s installation Dismaland “bemusement park” will be disassembled with the endeavour of donating materials towards building houses for refugees in Calais, France.

Conceptualized this August, Dismaland was unveiled as a satirical installation by Banksy. Entailing pieces by Banksy and other contemporaries on an abandoned beach in England’s Somerset, Dismaland has shut its gates after a triumphant five week run. We hear the fixtures and timber will be employed to create shelter for migrants and refugees in Calais’s ‘jungle’ town.

A whopping 3,500 refugees have taken shelter in the Calais area, seeking entry into Britain, fleeing countries of Syria, Libya and Eritrea.

[ Via : Fortune ]

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