Be ready to be spellbound – 10 most beautiful places to visit in Germany’s Black Forest

Triberg is home to the Triberg Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in Germany. The Gutach River rushes down seven major steps into a V-shaped valley below. There are many hiking trails if you want to see the falls, but the town offers other attractions if you’re not into hiking or the outdoors. The cuckoo clock was invented in Triberg, and there are two museums and many shops that feature clocks. You can also visit one of the world’s largest cuckoo clocks, an 8-meter attraction in Triberg.

Home to the Bavarian State Art Gallery and other attractions for art connoisseurs, Karlsruhe is another magical place to visit in the Black Forest. The Orangery features German paintings from 1890 to the modern era, as well as some French Impressionist pieces from artists like Monet and Degas. There’s also a museum devoted to landscape painter Hans Thoma, which displays his piece Rain on the Black Forest.

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Pforzheim is a small town best known for goldsmithing and unique jewelry. While it is a wonderful destination for shoppers, it’s also an exclusive site for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The starting point for three Black Forest trails, Pforzheim connects visitors to both modern shops and historic sites. Schlosskirche was once part of the original palace of the Margraves of Baden-Durlach, while Markplatz hosts shops and cafes. You can even visit the ruins of a Second Century Roman villa. The Stadtgarden Jewelry Museum covers more than 5,000 years of jewelry history, holds more than 2,000 pieces of jewelry, and also has features on clock-making.

The eastern side of the Black Forest is home to Donaueshingen, where the rivers Brigach and Donauquelle come together. An enclosed karst spring at Donaquelle is often called the “source of the Danube,” although the actual source is higher up in the mountains. The spring is still a beautiful place to visit, and visitors will also enjoy exploring the castle built near the spring.. Elsewhere in Donaueshingen, the Museum Art Plus offers an impressive selection of modern art, and the St. Johann Kirche Cathedral provides opportunities for photography.

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Breisach is a quaint city with cobblestoned streets and beautiful architecture, including the St. Stephensmunster Cathedral, which is located at the highest point in town and offers views of the Rhine River. Located across that river from France, Breisach is a common port of call for many German river cruises. Some people like to sample the German food in Breisach, then go across the river to Alsace and try some French cuisine.

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