Believe or not you can fly to the edge of space for less than $20,000!

So you’re a daredevil who’s running out of adrenalin pumping experiences to try? Bungee jumping, sky diving, river rafting, paragliding… you’ve done it all but you’re still thirsty for more. Maybe the Edge of Space Flight from MiGFlug is the flight of your dreams. The experience allows to fly literally to the edge of space in a MiG-29 Fulcrum. That’s an altitude as high as 20-22km above sea level, high enough that you can see the curvature of the earth and that the atmosphere blue fog over the distant earth. Overhead, the sky turns dark and you can see stars as you would at night time. IN the past, such a view was reserved for a select few, but now the experience is available to anyone who has a few thousand Euros to spare.

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The MiG 29 Fulcrum climbs to the edge of space at the supersonic speed with a climb rate of up to 330m/s. As MiGFlug stated, that’s practically like being on a space bound cannonball. The view at the pinnacle of the journey promises to be unforgettable. The MiG-29 Edge of Space flight includes controlling the jet, with manoeuvres like breaking the Sound Barrier and fly at supersonic speed, vertical dive, accelerated vertical climbing, tail-slide etc.
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You’ll have to fly to Russia for this on-of-a-kind experience but MiGFlug offers will help you organise your trip in any way they can (besides your hotel bookings, air travel and hotel booking). Their packages include:
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Transfer hotel – airbase – hotel
Medical checkup prior to the flight
Introduction and flight training
Approximately 50min total flight time
Flight certificate with altitude and G-load
Visit to airbase museum
First class MiGFlug service
Optional HD video (edited) and photo service
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As for the packages, you can choose from three, but in our opinion there’s only one that’s worth really trying:
€ 11,500 for 25 minutes without supersonic (approx. $12,820 at current exchange)
€ 13,500 for 45 minutes with supersonic flight (approx. $15,050 at current exchange)
€ 16,500 for 50min with Edge of Space experience (approx. $18,396 at current exchange)
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But seriously, when the experience is as cool as this, you have to all the way to the edge of space, anything less is a waste of the opportunity (unless of course, you plan on trying it more than once!). The company can guarantee a pinnacle of at least 17 km, you can only reach higher altitudes providing the weather conditions permit, so pick a bright sunny day for this amazing atmospheric adventure.

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