Best Places To Visit In Hawaii On Your Next Holiday

Hawaii’s tropical climate and serene Pacific Island atmosphere make this island very special and a major tourist spot around the world. This place never dismays an average traveler and is renowned as a haven for people who enjoy the beach. Its active volcanoes, natural landscapes, waterfalls, ancient rivers, and sea provide endless chances to do a lot of things in Hawaii such as snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, swimming, diving, and hiking.

Here is a list of the best and most beautiful places to visit in Hawaii. In line with this, check out koala which offers vacation rentals to get the resort experience without the hefty price of an actual resort.

1.Waikiki Beach :
The coastal area of Waikiki, a neighborhood in Honolulu in South O’ahu, is Hawaii’s biggest tourist spot because of its magnificent oceanfront beach. It was selected as the first government center in all of Hawaii during the 1450s. The name “Waikiki” came from the Hawaiian language that means spouting waters, referring to the freshwater that flowed to the ocean.

Waikiki is known for its entertainment, big resorts, shopping, and dining. Inspired by Waikiki’s avid surfer and gold medalist swimmer Duke Kahanamoku, historic markers made up of surfboards can be found in the Waikiki Historic Trail. Restaurants and boutiques are located in Kuhio and Kalakaua Avenue, while entertainment and café venues are established in Waikiki Beach Walk.

Most boats operate in The Royal Hawaiian Hotel (the Flamingo Pink) that’s why it is the main section of Waikiki and this is the area where people gather from time to time to learn how to surf. This place is perfect for snorkeling, boogie boarding, canoe paddling, and surfing.

2.Haleakala National Park :
Haleakala National Park is a national park that can be seen on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Visiting this park provides access to the largest dormant volcano in the world, the Haleakala Volcano which is almost 10,000 feet. Travelers often visit this place early in the morning to witness the spectacular and breathtaking scenery of the sunrises and sunsets.

Some of the areas of the park are enclosed in subtropical rainforests, which are the habitat of endangered animals. This place is also well known for its impressive Mars-like red desert scenery, winding streams, waterfalls, and rock gardens.

Tourists can travel hiking trails such as Sliding Sands, Halemauu, Kipahulu, Hosmer Grove & Supply Trails, and The Kaupo Gap. Just ensure that you bring warm clothing because the high elevation causes the temperature to drop.

3.USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor :
Almost 2 million international and U.S travelers visit USS Arizona Memorial in Honolulu, Hawaii each year to see where World War II in America began. Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is operated by the National Park Service. Upon arrival, travelers can receive a movie ticket for the film that tackles the history of this place and a boat ticket for a trip to the USS Arizona Memorial.

Pearl Harbor is the largest natural harbor in Hawaii and was once noted by the ancient Hawaiians as Pu’uloa. This name translates to “water of pearl” because of the abundant amount of pearls that can be found in its waters. This place is perfect for people who are interested in new insights in the US culture, as well as for kids who can experience beneficial educational adventures.

4.Hawaii Volcanoes National Park :
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is the home of the two active volcanoes, the Kilauea and Mauna Loa. Millions of sightseers visit this place annually, that’s why these volcanoes are considered as the most visited active volcanoes in the world. This tourist attraction can be found on the Big Island of Hawaii, where a close-up look of the active volcano is possible.

The landscape of this volcano is shaped by both new and old cooled lava rock. During the most active period of the area, tourists are able to witness the pillar of ash escaping from the crater of the volcano, hear the roar of the gas emissions, and experience the thrill of this seismic activity. There are also a lot of ways to explore this park, such as checking out the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, Giftshop, Jaggar Museum, Halema’uma’u Crater, and Kilauea’s Caldera from a far distance.

This is the best place for those who want to learn about how Hawaiian Islands were formed during the eruptive timeline of occurrence and to encounter the Old Hawaii while traveling to the Big Island’s volcanic scenery.

Conclusion :
The state of Hawaii is an archipelago that has abundant tourist attractions and wonderful places. Hawaii is truly the best holiday destination for beach lovers, considering that it offers a lot of activities, excellent cuisine and stunning shores.

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