Beyond Vegas – Here are the 5 most extravagant locations for high rollers

It’s not about the money, it’s all about the experience. You want to feel that thrill of having high stakes and enjoying everything life has to offer in the meantime. Destination gambling doesn’t only refer to a place where you can enjoy good games in well-lit rooms, but those places that want to give you something extra. Even if you lose big, you want to get your money’s worth, and you want to have a chance to win really big and get even more. If you are only out for the gambling, there are perfectly good quality casinos in the UK and US, especially in London and Las Vegas, as well as those that work online in these turbulent times. But, if you are looking for that extra service, for that little je ne sais quoi that will get the imagination and the juices flowing, you will need to take everything that this fine planet has to offer.

The coast of Monaco

#1 Monaco
An obvious choice for any experienced gambler or high roller. The Mediterranean principality of Monaco is a destination that you should hit at least once in your lifetime. The city-state is one of the most luxurious places in the world and the offer is never-ending if you know where to ask.
The first stop should be Monte Carlo, with the casino of the same name overlooking the Mediterranean. Together with the Café Paris Casino, they make the core gambling experience of the city.
But, that is not where the fun ends. Going down to the Port Quarter you will be able to find some back-alley wagers and high-stakes gambling. In Grimaldi Street, named after the ruling dynasty of the nation, you will even find wagers that only accept one type of currency, Ferrari supercars.

Macau skyline

#2 Macau
The special Chinese administrative region of Macau, as it is officially named, is a magical blend of Chinese cultural approach to gambling, Portuguese influence of fine living, and the sheer number of people living in the Pearl River Delta and the Guangdong province.
In many ways, Macau has tried to emulate Monaco in the way they approached gambling, but the number of gamblers made it surpass its influences in many ways. In its 41 casinos, you can bet on almost anything.
And, regardless of whether your taste is tightfisted gambling in some dim room or extreme extravagance where you can play poker in an oversized hot tub using gold chips, both can be accommodated quickly and easily.

Marina Sands, Singapore.

#3 Singapore
Once you come to the island city-state of Singapore, you will notice where to gamble by simply looking for the huge building that looks like decks of cards, connected on the top.
Because of the crackdown on gambling in 2014, the number of options for those who want to keep their gambling strictly legal has diminished, but the two resorts that are left are definitely something every gambler should experience.
Luxury and opulence aside, there are features in these casinos that look as if they are out of this world. The Marina Bay Sands hotel-casino has a whole gambling block that is four stories high, and you can’t miss the fun in whichever direction you go.

#4 Montenegro
Known to many from the James Bond movie Casino Royale, Montenegro is a gambling destination for those who want to have fun 24/7, and not just when they are playing.
The main destination for gambling in Montenegro is the city of Budva, located just in the center of the small Mediterranean nation’s coastline. By all measures, this is a party town, and the diversity of the crowd you will be seeing in the dozens of clubs and playing against on the poker table will astound you.
From Russian oligarchs to the British nobility and Hollywood stars, you will find them in the hotels, resorts, and casinos in Budva. And, as shown in the movie, only those with nerves of steel will come out on top.


#5 Bahamas
The Bahamas are a nice place to visit even if you never put down a single chip. With its sandy beaches and pearl-blue sea, it is simply an experience to walk and sail through the islands.
And, if you are there for gambling, the archipelago will not disappoint. From the upscale locations like the Baha Mar casino to operations that are right on the waterline and where you can gamble in the soft Atlantic breeze, such as the Grand Lucayan.
For those who want to relax after their sessions, and to do so in luxury and style, going for a game in the Bahamas is just the right choice.

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